Beach Ready

June 16, 2017 General 0 Comments


Maroon Swimsuit // Blue Open Back Swimsuit Robin Piccone (old) (similar) // Off the shoulder gingham // Shorts // Red and white gingham swimsuit (here) // Tassel Cover-Up Sundress 


Summer may not officially be here, but it sure feels like it has been here in full force! Hopefully your summer will consist of a few beach days. There is something about a great book, salty air, and sunsets over the water that are magical. I’m not one that can be out in the full sun all day, my pale skin just can’t take it! But you find me a spot in the shade and a good book and I can chill for hours. 

There are certain items that I wear on repeat on my beach trips. A big straw hat is first and foremost. My hair is always a mess at the beach, and lets be honest, it is way too hot to sit and blow dry my hair! Hats are a life saver!! Throw one on and no one will know your hair is a hot mess under there. This has been my favorite hat for years. 

Cover-ups take up 80% of my suitcase! You can never have too many! I love a coverup that can double as a dress, cause sometimes you go straight from the beach to dinner! An oversized button down and denim cut-offs are great also! 

Last but definitely not least… sunglasses!! I have a slight obsession with sunnies, and my husband is 100% to blame! He picks out the majority of the sunglasses I wear, and back when we first got married he started buying me sunglasses for random holidays and now its a tradition that I love. My favorite brand has to be Ray-Ban. You can’t go wrong with classic. I have made the mistake of spending money on trendy sunglasses, and it’s just not worth it for me. If I’m going to invest in something I want to be able to wear it for years to come. If I want a fun pair of sunglasses I always go to Nordstrom Trend department, Topshop or even Target. Under $20 is what I’m looking for. ( here and here) Sunglasses are also perfect for covering up my make-up free face for beach days. 

Now I want to go to the beach! Lol! Happy Friday!