Hi everyone! Welcome to GlamGrace. A destination where luxury meets everyday lifestyle! I’m a twenty-something year old blogger living outside of Atlanta with my husband and two adorable pups. Fashion and shopping have always been obsessions for me, and this blog is a way to share my daily passion with you guys. I’m not a natural born lover of pink (shocking I know) but its growing on me! I believe in Kate Middleton! If we ever met I just know we would be great friends! I hope this blog will inspire you to look your best and have fun doing it!

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Heart Rock in Maui

September 21, 2017 All, Dresses, Shoes, Sunglasses 1 Comment

Heart Rock in Maui When I read about a heart shaped rock in Maui, I added it to the top go my…

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Endless Summer

September 20, 2017 All, Dresses, Hats, Sandals 0 Comments

Endless Summer We have been home from Maui a week now and the jet lag is still kicking my butt! Totally worth…

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Maui Fruit Stand

Maui Fruit Stand You put the lime in the coconut… One of my favorite things about Maui is all the fresh fruit! Starfruit…

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Hawaii Blue

September 11, 2017 All, Handbags, Sandals, Skirts, Tops 0 Comments

Aloha I can’t believe we have been in Maui an entire week! We are having so much fun, the days all get…

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