Hi everyone! Welcome to GlamGrace. A destination where luxury meets everyday lifestyle! I’m a twenty-something year old blogger living outside of Atlanta with my husband and two adorable pups. Fashion and shopping have always been obsessions for me, and this blog is a way to share my daily passion with you guys. I’m not a natural born lover of pink (shocking I know) but its growing on me! I believe in Kate Middleton! If we ever met I just know we would be great friends! I hope this blog will inspire you to look your best and have fun doing it!

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Purple and Gold

November 7, 2017 All, Flats, Handbags, Jeans, Sweaters 1 Comment

Purple and Gold I’m just going to start by saying, I am not a fan of the time change! Darkness at six…

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Vermont Diaries

Vermont Diaries Happy Monday everyone! It is currently raining here, and it is putting a major damper on our plans, but we are…

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The Colors of Vermont

The Colors of Vermont Our Fall road trip is off to an amazing start. I was worried we came a little to early…

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Fall Look Back

October 2, 2017 All 1 Comment

Fall Look Back Since it is actually starting to feel like Fall, I thought I would share a few looks from last October….

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