20 Week Bump Update

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20 Week Bump Update

So, I’m a little behind in posting this, right now I am 22 weeks! Last week I was in Alaska, and was busy non-stop! So, here we go!

GlamGrace 20 Week Bump UpdateGlamGrace 20 Week Bump Update

GlamGrace 20 Week Bump Update

GlamGrace 20 Week Bump Update

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I am going to start with a few questions I have been asked!

Do we know the gender? Yes! We had our gender reveal last Saturday, you can view that post here,. We announced the gender with fireworks and it was awesome! Such a fun night!  

Have we picked a name? Yes! Although, that will remain a secret until he is born. It seems with baby names everyone has an opinion, and I am naturally a people pleaser, so if someone didn’t like our name it would affect me. It is just easier to wait until he is born to share his name!

Where are you shopping for maternity clothes? Still figuring this one out! My bump really didn’t “pop” until 20ish weeks, so I was mainly wearing my normal clothes, except for jeans and shorts. I did buy these maternity jeans and these shorts right away, because I could not stand anything tight on my stomach! They did fit a little big at first and I had to make sure I wore longer tops with them, but they are so comfortable! I really don’t want to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes, but I knew jeans would be an investment that I wouldn’t regret. Closer to fall, I plan on purchasing a darker skinnier wash, but I will make do with those two pairs! Dresses from Old Navy have been great for me, and I normally find those at 40% off. Lately, I have been loving body con dresses, which I didn’t think I would, but I do! I purchased this one in the olive, this one (seen herethis one (seen here) and this one. These dresses will work through the fall with layers, so I should be able to wear them my entire pregnancy which is a major plus! Other places I’ve been shopping at are Asos and H&M maternity.

What products are you loving? I have tried several, like probably 10, belly creams and this one is hands down my favorite! I purchased it when I was in London. I was 10ish weeks and on the hunt for a good cream. I have used the entire jar, and it was an epically sad day when ran out! When I purchased mine, the company told me they don’t ship to the US. It didn’t even cross my mind to buy a second jar, I thought one would be enough. I will admit I use a good bit and I put it on all areas that are growing and changing, not just my belly. However, my amazing sister, without me knowing, spent about two weeks trying to order me some. She eventually came in contact with the company, she is wonder woman, and they sent her the link to purchase the cream in the US! She surprised me with a jar, and I about cried!! It really is the best! My second option would be the Burts Bee Belly Butter and it is under $15! Another must have is my Belly Bandit! I had read several reviews on this product and women raved about it! Iv’e never been a fan of Spanx or any product like that, so I was skeptical, but seriously I LOVE IT! To me, it is a necessity for bodycon dresses, which I’m living in, and it just keeps everything tight! Very comfortable and not hot at all! Here are the prenatal vitamins that I love.

What baby items have you purchased? Honestly, not many! We have his crib, that’s about all I have for the nursery! I know what I want it to look like, but we have some work that needs to be done in the room first, like pulling up the carpet, laying hardwoods, and painting. So once we finish those items, I’ll start on the fun stuff. My amazing friend Jenny bought us this stroller! She travels for work and says she sees parents struggling all the time with strollers, and she watched a mom close this stroller with one hand, and it fits in the above seat storage on an airplane. You don’t have to check it in! Perfect for traveling! She took a picture of it and ordered it for us! Still can’t get over her doing that for us. We had never heard of that brand, but now we have done a ton of research on the stroller, and it has amazing reviews! We are super excited to use it. We also purchased a Stokke Xplory, but we can’t decide if we want that stroller or a Bugaboo! Help if you have either of these! Last item is the Dock-A-Tot. There are so many baby items to choose from, it can be overwhelming! I am trying to only buy items that other moms have really recommend to me. If you have any must-have items, let me know!

What are you craving? Well, my first trimester was rough to say the least. I could only keep down starches, like baked potatoes or toast. Any type of plain bread! Ginger Ale was also my best friend. Since then, my appetite has been fairly normal. Sandwiches are really good to me, like a fresh tomato sandwich is my jam! Lol! Strawberries are my favorite fruit to eat. On occasion I will crave something like Taco Bell, or hibachi, random I know! But overall I’m eating what I normally eat. I would say I miss Coke Zero or Diet Coke the most! Iced coffee is my favorite in the summertime, so I will have a decaf version on occasion. The craziest thing that has changed since being pregnant is my sweet tooth. I would pick dessert over food any day, but not anymore. I can barley eat sweets, sad day I know! I joke with Tom that if this kid loves sweets, I am going to knock that ice cream right out of his hand! Obviously I’m just joking! (kinda)
Pregnancy is an incredible and crazy journey! Every day something is changing or the baby is becoming more active, which is amazing to feel! I am beyond grateful to be able to experience this journey, the good and the bad. Thank you for all the well wishes and kind words! We are counting down the days until November!